The System works because you work!

The System works because you work!


All told, governments killed more than 262 million people in the 20th century outside of wars, according to University of Hawaii political science professor R.J. Rummel. Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government, if all these bodies were laid head to toe, with the average height being 5', then they would circle the earth ten times. Also, this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century. Finally, given popular estimates of the dead in a major nuclear war, this total democide is as though such a war did occur, but with its dead spread over a century

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Special Q Group security wing inside US National Security Agency - Dprog...

The Power Principle. A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today.This documentary is about the foreign policy of the United States. It demonstrates the importance of the political economy, the Mafia principle, propaganda, ideology, violence and force. It documents and explains how the policy is based on the interest of major corporations and a tiny elite to increase profits and the United States governments own interests in maintaining and expanding it’s imperialistic influence.Inside the United States this has been made possible with a propaganda of fear for the horrible enemies like the Soviet Union, Communists and so on and a love for “free markets”, “democracy”, “freedom” and so on. Externally (and increasingly internally) this has caused massive poverty and suffering, genocide, war, coups, crushed unions and popular movements and environmental destruction.

Who benefits from our aggression in Aghanistan, and how?

Build a vertical aquaponic veggie & fish farm for small yards & houses


PLEASE READ - PLEASE SHARE - ***NATIONWIDE WORKERS STRIKE - It may be the only way WE THE PEOPLE the lower and middle class, the 99%, can take this country grinding it to a halt and demonstrating our power...because YOU know WE literally BUILT and RUN this country...and what does the 1% do? Exactly, nothing/count the money we funnel to them...NATIONWIDE WORKERS STRIKE - I know it's idealistic/naive - but I have to try...someone has to try...and I'm not talking JUST about teachers, plumbers, carpenters, retail/restaurant workers...I'M TALKING EVERYBODY!...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CUT/COPY PASTE/SHARE THIS IDEA COMMENT...And I'm naming a date...***November 1 - so it becomes a major issue (to say the least, come - rigged election - day) - NOVEMBER 1! - We start, and well,... WE STOP working/consuming - all the way through - at least January 1 -. That's right we DON'T CONSUME for Christmas...imagine that...WE JUST STOP/Chill out for 2 months/or ...
march/protest/demonstrate/use social media to educate...but if you just stay home and don't consume...that is fighting too...not consuming their OIL/gas = awesome - now I must unfortunately say why this may not work...because people must know the truth, the ugly truth...WE/YOU the 99%, the lower and middle class are your job/debt, but what's worse this is not only a slavery you choose most people are fine with it...but it is nothing more than a modern slavery with an illusion of freedom/choice...but at the end of the day...YOU CAN'T STOP! and this point must be the masses are compelled to work and fight to pay their debts (slavery/indentured servitude) everyday and YOU CANNOT STOP that's is not responsibility/hard-work all these morals/ethics/values the 1% counts on you to ascribe to...when they have none of these things...this is fight all week earning money for the rich, so you can go consume (more money for the rich) on your off-days and fill your life with bull shart...but i digress share part or all of this message...NATIONWIDE WORKERS (EVERYBODY INCLUDING STUDENTS) STRIKE = NOVEMBER 1...This is how WE the lower and middle class can demonstrate our tremendous power and take back this country - possibly the only peaceful way....I am posting this on all Occupy web sites, but feel free to spread the word anyway you can..this REALLY should not be complicated/impossible...NOVEMBER 1just STOP...being a slave/consuming...

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Global Warming vs Reality, Republicans vs Democrats: Stefan Molyneux Hos...

Stefan Gives Passionate "Reality Smackdown" on Anarchy and Statism

American Resistance Movement Prepares For The NWO.

Celente: The Tyranny of an Arrested Development Republic



Nikola Tesla is finally beginning to attract real attention and encourage serious debate nearly 70 years after his death. Was he for real? A crackpot? Part of an early experiment in corporate-government control?

We know that he was undoubtedly persecuted by the energy power brokers of his day — namely Thomas Edison, whom we are taught in school to revere as a genius. He was also attacked by J.P. Morgan and other “captains of industry.” Upon Tesla’s death on January 7th, 1943, the U.S. government moved into his lab and apartment confiscating all of his scientific research, and to this day none of this research has been made public.

Besides his persecution by corporate-government interests (which is practically a certification of authenticity), there is at least one solid indication of Nikola Tesla’s integrity — he tore up a contract with Westinghouse that was worth billions in order to save the company from paying him his huge royalty payments.

But, let’s take a look at what Nikola Tesla — a man who died broke and alone — has actually given to the world. For better or worse, with credit or without, he changed the face of the planet in ways that perhaps no man ever has.

1. Alternating Current – This is where it all began, and what ultimately caused such a stir at the 1893 World’s Expo in Chicago. A war was leveled ever-after between the vision of Edison and the vision of Tesla for how electricity would be produced and distributed. The division can be summarized as one of cost and safety: The DC current that Edison (backed by General Electric) had been working on was costly over long distances, and produced dangerous sparking from the required converter (called a commutator).

Regardless, Edison and his backers utilized the general “dangers” of electric current to instill fear in Tesla’s alternative: Alternating Current. As proof, Edison sometimes electrocuted animals at demonstrations. Consequently, Edison gave the world the electric chair, while simultaneously maligning Tesla’s attempt to offer safety at a lower cost. Tesla responded by demonstrating that AC was perfectly safe by famously shooting current through his own body to produce light. This Edison-Tesla (GE-Westinghouse) feud in 1893 was the culmination of over a decade of shady business deals, stolen ideas, and patent suppression that Edison and his moneyed interests wielded over Tesla’s inventions. Yet, despite it all, it is Tesla’s system that provides power generation and distribution to North America in our modern era.

2. Light – Of course he didn’t invent light itself, but he did invent how light can be harnessed and distributed. Tesla developed and used florescent bulbs in his lab some 40 years before industry “invented” them. At the World’s Fair, Tesla took glass tubes and bent them into famous scientists’ names, in effect creating the first neon signs. However, it is his Tesla Coil that might be the most impressive, and controversial. The Tesla Coil is certainly something that big industry would have liked to suppress: the concept that the Earth itself is a magnet that can generate electricity (electromagnetism) utilizing frequencies as a transmitter. All that is needed on the other end is the receiver — much like a radio.

3. X-rays – Electromagnetic and ionizing radiation was heavily researched in the late 1800s, but Tesla researched the entire gamut. Everything from a precursor to Kirlian photography, which has the ability to document life force, to what we now use in medical diagnostics, this was a transformative invention of which Tesla played a central role. X-rays, like so many of Tesla’s contributions, stemmed from his belief that everything we need to understand the universe is virtually around us at all times, but we need to use our minds to develop real-world devices to augment our innate perception of existence.

4. Radio – Guglielmo Marconi was initially credited, and most believe him to be the inventor of radio to this day. However, the Supreme Court overturned Marconi’s patent in 1943, when it was proven that Tesla invented the radio years previous to Marconi. Radio signals are just another frequency that needs a transmitter and receiver, which Tesla also demonstrated in 1893 during a presentation before The National Electric Light Association. In 1897 Tesla applied for two patents US 645576, and US 649621. In 1904, however, The U.S. Patent Office reversed its decision, awarding Marconi a patent for the invention of radio, possibly influenced by Marconi’s financial backers in the States, who included Thomas Edison and Andrew Carnegie. This also allowed the U.S. government (among others) to avoid having to pay the royalties that were being claimed by Tesla.

5. Remote Control – This invention was a natural outcropping of radio. Patent No.613809 was the first remote controlled model boat, demonstrated in 1898. Utilizing several large batteries; radio signals controlled switches, which then energized the boat’s propeller, rudder, and scaled-down running lights. While this exact technology was not widely used for some time, we now can see the power that was appropriated by the military in its pursuit of remote controlled war. Radio controlled tanks were introduced by the Germans in WWII, and developments in this realm have since slid quickly away from the direction of human freedom.

6. Electric Motor – Tesla’s invention of the electric motor has finally been popularized by a car brandishing his name. While the technical specifications are beyond the scope of this summary, suffice to say that Tesla’s invention of a motor with rotating magnetic fields could have freed mankind much sooner from the stranglehold of Big Oil. However, his invention in 1930 succumbed to the economic crisis and the world war that followed. Nevertheless, this invention has fundamentally changed the landscape of what we now take for granted: industrial fans, household applicances, water pumps, machine tools, power tools, disk drives, electric wristwatches and compressors.

7. Robotics – Tesla’s overly enhanced scientific mind led him to the idea that all living beings are merely driven by external impulses. He stated: “I have by every thought and act of mine, demonstrated, and does so daily, to my absolute satisfaction that I am an automaton endowed with power of movement, which merely responds to external stimuli.” Thus, the concept of the robot was born. However, an element of the human remained present, as Tesla asserted that these human replicas should have limitations — namely growth and propagation. Nevertheless, Tesla unabashedly embraced all of what intelligence could produce. His visions for a future filled with intelligent cars, robotic human companions, and the use of sensors, and autonomous systems are detailed in a must-read entry in the Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering, 2006 (PDF).

8. Laser – Tesla’s invention of the laser may be one of the best examples of the good and evil bound up together within the mind of man. Lasers have transformed surgical applications in an undeniably beneficial way, and they have given rise to much of our current digital media. However, with this leap in innovation we have also crossed into the land of science fiction. From Reagan’s “Star Wars” laser defense system to today’s Orwellian “non-lethal” weapons’ arsenal, which includes laser rifles and directed energy “death rays,” there is great potential for development in both directions.

9 and 10. Wireless Communications and Limitless Free Energy – These two are inextricably linked, as they were the last straw for the power elite — what good is energy if it can’t be metered and controlled? Free? Never. J.P. Morgan backed Tesla with $150,000 to build a tower that would use the natural frequencies of our universe to transmit data, including a wide range of information communicated through images, voice messages, and text. This represented the world’s first wireless communications, but it also meant that aside from the cost of the tower itself, the universe was filled with free energy that could be utilized to form a world wide web connecting all people in all places, as well as allow people to harness the free energy around them. Essentially, the 0′s and 1′s of the universe are embedded in the fabric of existence for each of us to access as needed. Nikola Tesla was dedicated to empowering the individual to receive and transmit this data virtually free of charge. But we know the ending to that story . . . until now?

Tesla had perhaps thousands of other ideas and inventions that remain unreleased. A look at his hundreds of patents shows a glimpse of the scope he intended to offer.

If you feel that the additional technical and scientific research of Nikola Tesla should be revealed for public scrutiny and discussion, instead of suppressed by big industry and even our supposed institutions of higher education, join the world’s call to tell power brokers everywhere that we are ready to Occupy Energy and learn about what our universe really has to offer - (Facebook page here).

The release of Nikola Tesla’s technical and scientific research — specifically his research into harnessing electricity from the ionosphere at a facility called Wardenclyffe — is a necessary step toward true freedom of information.

Please add your voice by sharing this information with as many people as possible.

The men who crashed the world

Economic Collapse -- Why It Won't Be Stopped

World Economy Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

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American Slaves who don't know they are Slaves

Don't forget problem, reaction, solution. There is always going to be some intelligence agency ready to provacteur a new war or invent an new enemy for some government to fight to keep the sheople scared, united and focused

Politicians Holding Babies - Same Shit, Different Day

Hilmar Von Campe: America's Nazi Future

Obama and The "Dungbeetle" are Coming For Your Internet

Security is Slavery

Deadly Politics - Cambodia

Democracy Endangered - Cambodia

Run for your Life - Cambodia

Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012

"The plan of the elite to depopulate the earth to about 500 000 000 people only starts with this saying: "If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" -Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. World population is, by all intents and purposes, completely out of control. Plans are underway now, implemented by the New World Order Elite,

o depopulate the planet's 6-7 billion people to a manageable level of between 500 million and 2 billion.
There are many means and methods of depopulation that are being employed today, the 3 primary of which include; unsustainable/exploitative international development, which leads to massive hunger, starvation and famine worldwide (at least 40 million deaths annually), the fomentation of war, hatred and military procurements throughout the nations leading to millions of deaths worldwide, and finally, the creation and spread of infectious diseases leading to global pandemic, plague and pestilence on an unprecedented scale.
There are many means and methods of depopulation that are being employed today, the 3 primary of which include; unsustainable/exploitative international development, which leads to massive hunger, starvation and famine worldwide (at least 40 million deaths annually), the fomentation of war, hatred and military procurements throughout the nations leading to millions of deaths worldwide, and finally, the creation and spread of infectious diseases leading to global pandemic, plague and pestilence on an unprecedented scale.

 Other methods used include; the build-up and use of nuclear, chemical and biological agents, weapons and warfare, the poisoning and contamination of the planet's food and water supplies, the introduction and use of deadly pharmaceutical drugs in society, weather modification and the triggering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis through electromagnetic psychotropic weapons both on Earth and in space, the promotion of homosexuality to limit population growth and spread the deadly AIDS virus, forced sterilization in countries such as China, forced vaccinations, abortion, euthanasia etc...
Death, and the management of who lives and who dies, has become the central organizing principle of the 21st century.
The previous century has been, by far, the bloodiest in human history. Hunger, famine and disease took billions of innocent lives. World Wars 1 and 2, along with the despotic regimes of Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Reagan, Bush and others, took hundreds of millions. The 21st century is shaping up to accelerate this dismal trend where hunger, famine and disease are reaping record levels of death (the equivalent of 7 Jewish holocaust annually). Contemporary wars continue to rage on and proliferate. In the nation of Iraq, the killing fields have taken the lives of more than 2 million men, women and children (mostly children) this past decade from foreign and economic intervention. Vastly unreported is the genocide occurring in the Congo, where more than 4 million people have been slaughtered, mutilated and massacred recently with only scant world attention given. Add to this the unrestrained and very profitable build-up of weapons of mass destruction- nuclear, chemical and biological- in the world, particularly in the volatile Middle East region, with the expressed desire and willingness to actually use them, and you have an Apocalypse of World War 3 becoming a virtual inevitability. The death toll of THIS war is sure to surpass all previous in scale and in magnitude, as has been planned.
The international campaign to eliminate the "useless eaters" (according to the Club of Rome) on behalf of the planet's privileged ruling elite, is surely to take a more voracious toll as global population levels continue to rise.
To implement their "final solution" to depopulate 4-5 billion people from the Earth, the world's elite will undoubtedly harness the newly emerging biotech and nanotechnology industries to create a super 'bio-weapon' virus creating a global 'kill-off' pandemic through which only they will have the cure." < click here to watch


Stop the war on drugs/isn't working. Stop buying weapons and funding the military or cut it in half. Stop funding wars all over the world to make the rich richer. Close down the 700 plus military bases all over the world. Stop stealing from the many poor Americans through taxation and giving it as a bribe?aid to small groups of rich people in other countries. Stop stealing from the people all together through the inflation of the the money supply(just a hidden task). These are some ideas off the top of my head. What are yours?

21 Facts About America’s Decaying Infrastructure That Will Blow Your Mind

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Cambodia Evictions

Anatomy of a Massacre - Cambodia

Guns For Hire (Afghanistan)Documentary about the secretive world of private military companies. Included is a unique interview in Kabul’s Polecharki jail with the infamous American prisoner Jack Idema – an ex Marine Special Forces soldier who turned rouge.

More videos from stefbot (playlist)

The US government’s growing reliance on aerial drones to pursue its war on al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere is proving controversial – as evidenced by the international reaction to recent drone missile attacks along the border with Pakistan.But Barack Obama’s administration is undeterred, favouring the technology more and more because it reduces the need for American troops in those countries and the risk of politically unpalatable casualties.But this strategy is giving rise to anxieties that conflict is becoming just a big computer game, in which ‘desk pilots’ in air conditioned bunkers far from the battlefield can kill a few enemy fighters and then go home to their families, remote from the human consequences of their actions or the anguish of associated civilian casualties

Broke his promises

Austin Man Hangs Empty Chair From Tree Symbolizing President Obama

Median Income In OH Hits 27-Year Low...


... Blocks mobile phone signals in 15 cities

Pakistan explodes in protest; movie theaters attacked...

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DHS "Arming Itself to The Teeth" for Massive Civil Unrest

Noble Lie Producer Warns of False Flag Event to Save Obama Election

DHS Buys 1.6 Billion Bullets

DAY BEFORE: Intel agencies warned U.S. Embassy in Egypt of possible violence...

'Unprecedented' Jump in Food Stamps...

Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers. They have already purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone. The DHS is responsibile for Der Homeland Amerika. That is enough bullits to kill every man women and child 4 times over.

trade wars usually proceed world wars. Beijing hints at bond attack on Japan

President Obama Parties With Jay-Z and Beyonce

Obama In 1998: "I Actually Believe In Redistribution"

Obama In 1998: "I Actually Believe In Redistribution"

The Pakistan-trained Taliban ended the bloody civil war, throwing out the rapist Uzbek and Tajik warlords and the remnants of the Communist Party, which the U.S. and Britain now have put back in power. The Taliban ended the opium/heroin trade, which the American and British warlord allies restarted. Terrorism? The U.S. and Britain imposed an illegal no-fly zone over Iraq, and the sanctions killed half a million children through starvatino, which Zionist Madeleine Albright said was "worth it". The US-UK bombings deliberately targeted water refineries and power plants, making the blistering hot summers unbearable, especially for children and the old. THIS is terrorism. Just because Iraq supported the Palestinian resistance with money. al-Qaeda fought to end this pro-Zionist terrorism, and the taking of the last 22 percent of Palestinian land by a West-supported regime. And still the Taliban government offered to hand over Usama bin Laden, the war hero from the Afghan-Soviet war, if the U.S. would show the evidence the White House claimed to have that bin Laden was behind the 9/11 bombing. But the White House LIED, as Colin Powell has confirmed later. So Bush pretended the Taliban were "not cooperating" and invaded.The "neocons" in the White House really wanted to invade Iraq, which Israel hated, but they had to invade Afghanistan first because the U.S. public expected it (since 9/11 hysteria was used to drum up support for the invasions and bin Ladin was in Afghanistan). Some of them would even admit this. Afghanistan was a PR war, so they could move on to Iraq, the real target.

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"Typically the care of the infant is spread among multiple staff over multiple shifts, many of whom are just doing a job. The necessary sensory cues such as smile, touch, song and rocking required to stimulate normal growth and functioning of the infant's stress response and relational neural networks is just not provided in the patterns or quantities required for normal development."Essentially, it's impossible for an institution to be a parent. To thrive, a human baby needs to be the center of attention and affection of at least one person.If the media were to make this clear, it could improve the lives of thousands of babies around the world who are right now being damaged by the ignorance that says that orphanages are a safe place for them.

Jesse Ventura: Get rid of foreign aid!

More videos from Ventura2016 (playlist)

More videos from Ventura2016 (playlist)

More videos from Ventura2016 (playlist)

More videos from Ventura2016 (playlist)

More videos from Ventura2016 (playlist)

More videos from Conservative1001BG (playlist)

Piers Morgan Embarrasses Himself in Front of Jesse Ventura over WTC 7 Co...

Neocons Engineering October Surprise?

QE3 Unleashed

Jesse Ventura: The Terrorist Have Won!


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US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones ... Again

State Department sets up 24-hour monitoring team for embassy crisis

              Click here


US scrambles to rush spies, drones to Libya

Trying to make a hero of the prince? British troops help fight off Taliban attack on Afghan military base housing Prince Harry

CIA Mind Control: America’s Secret War. It is one of the ill-kept secrets of America’s intelligence agencies–for decades, they have worked virtually non-stop to perfect means of controlling the human mind. But while many have suspected the existence of these projects, the details have long been preserved. Mind Control blows the lid off years of chilling experiments, drawing on documents reluctantly released through the Freedom of Information Act and interviews with some of the victims, including a woman whose past was literally taken away. Hear from John Marks, the author of In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, who broke the story of the CIA’s abuses by unraveling the mysteries contained in financial records. All the other records pertaining to the experiments were destroyed by the agency in an attempt to prevent the details from ever being known.

The CIA And The Nazis. Six months after Allied Forces liberated German concentration camps, a military tribunal formed at Nuremberg to prosecute Nazi war criminals. Some of the most dangerous were brought to justice – but not all. Documentary Conspiracy? reveals how over 4,000 former Nazis went to work for the U.S. government, without the public’s knowledge, to help fight the Soviet Union. Reinhard Gehlen, an intelligence officer for Hitler’s General Staff, was tapped to head the U.S. intelligence program in West Germany to spy on the Russians. At the same time, former Nazi scientists and engineers were welcomed onto American soil. But the extent of these operations is only now becoming clear: In 1998, a law was passed mandating declassification of documents concerning recruitment of former Nazis. CIA AND THE NAZIS examines these files to see how far the U.S. went in recruiting its former enemy to fight its new one.The truth is, thousands of former Nazis, some of whom committed atrocities, went to work for the United States government without the public’s knowledge. During the war, their crimes ranged from overseeing slave labor camps to sending orphans to their deaths. After the war, they were on the US payroll either as scientists in America or as intelligence agents in Europe.

Maker of 2016 Obama's America Speaks Out

The Video Didn’t Do It

Al CIA duh in Yemen urges Muslims to kill U.S. diplomats over film

Jesse Ventura: We're Not Free Anymore!

Breaking! Jesse Ventura to Run For President

Fear mongering by the World Health Organization. Richner criticized WHO for previously making statements to the media "without being clear on the facts," the hospital official said in his statement Sunday. Richner has said the number of cases affected by the mysterious disease is relatively low -- 34 cases in June, compared with the 75,000 sick children at Kantha Bopha's outpatient clinics and 16,000 hospitalized kids.

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The World Food Crisis Special Report

All Roads Lead to Food

Government Officials Say 9/11 Was State-Sponsored Terrorism … But Disagree About WHICH Nation Was Behind Attacks

Photographers in Los Angeles Considered Terrorists Under Official LAPD policy

SECRET LOCKERBIE DOCUMENT BLAMES CIA-LINKED GROUP. I'm Scottish, almost 40 and grew up a few miles from Lockerbie. close enough to live and close enough to hear feel and see the aftermath. Like me, nearly everyone I speak to believes Megrahi was innocent and deals were done to keep review board's findings being tested in open court. only people with something to hide fear justice.


US military’s future technology division is reportedly eyeing tampering with soldiers’ genes

I just got back from a trip to NYC and never noticed all along the interstate 95 the government has spy camera every few hundered yards. What ever happen to the land of the Free, home of the Brave? Now I guess it is good old prison camp USA!

Journalist Banned From the U.K. For Exposing "The Torture & Rape of Children"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

InfraGard Asking Community Leaders to Spy on Citizens

The Greatest Evil The World Has Ever Witnessed

We Are All Now Terrorist

911 Coincidences - Full Length Documentary

By the way, the doc 9/11 explosive evidence: experts speak out, are my co-employed and knowledgeable brethren. I watched that doc and came to the same exact conclusions that all of them have. In my gut, I knew anyways, Newtons Law does not pick and choose, like many of the empty headed armchair experts do. Those buildings fell in classic demolition style. Denying that makes anyone look rather stupid to be honest. Anyone who is an engineer of nay kind, knows what that was. The truth sucks, and no matter how hard some try, you cannot erase, demean or change the laws that govern gravity and metal strength. It was a demolition. Not only was it a demo, it was artwork to me and many others. No buildings those sizes have ever been dropped so neatly, ever, not before nor after. Building 7 was awesome. That was near perfection. A 60 meter or so damage radius. Outstanding work. For real. They did not do so well on the two towers though, they had too much explosive power, it jettisoned some 1 and 2 ton beams more than 500 feet out on a sideways trajectory, not straight down, as a collapse that was not caused by explosives would do. The people setting those charges are the best on the planet, bar none. The models provided by the so called experts fail miserably, for those of us who understand those graphs, numbers and charts, never mind the video evidence. Most parts of that doc are spot on and tell the truth of science, not the truth of liars, fearful card carrying uninformed Repubs or Democrats or spineless lying politicians. The biggest laugh I had was the popular mechanics debunk. That was amateurish, obviously scripted lines of pure bunk, fed to the unsuspecting public who do not understand physics or metal stresses. We know that it is physically impossible for those buildings to fall the way they said they did. Pure unadulterated BS. If you want to believe the official story, you can be my guest, after all, ignorance is bliss and the low road usually safer.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Over 2000 ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS FOR 911 TRUTH (full unreleased version)

bldg 7 freefall collapse 7 hours later out of sympathy for the other towers, that is the weakest link in the whole government's concpiracy theroy. Not mention Lucky Larry Silverstein saying to pull it, bldg 7. Which is a demolishion term for bringing down a bldg with explosives. Then their is the BBC mistakenly announcing the collapse of bldg 7 before it happened with it still standing on national tv.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

False flag attacks and stand down exercises are what government do to make their slave/sheople go along with the program they want. Problem, Reaction, Solution is as old as the hills and not new. 9ll was an inside job!

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

9/11: THE SENSIBLE DOUBT - Danish documentary about 9/11. What happened on September 11, 2001? All over the world, people question the official story and explanation about the events that took place in USA more than 10 years ago.

FDA Allows Corporations to “Recondition” Old Food. In order to save money, some corporations will repackage older food into new packaging and resell it. One public school lunch supplier tried this with moldy apple sauce re-canned and was reprimanded to never try that “stunt” again.

Chomsky explains who U.S. leaders work for and what they have done.

LIBOR SCANDAL 2.0 IS COMING! Bankster criminals need go to JAIL! They stolen too much too many times! We need to draw a line in the sand somewhere! Where does it end? They are Bankrupting our country? We need to follow the Iceland model and tell the criminals to take a hike!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ann Romney speech -- dubstep remix

‘US doesn’t need UN to oust Assad’ - Clinton. Hillary Clinton threatens the US and “like-minded states” might pursue regime change in Syria in circumvention of the UN if the new resolution on Syria is “toothless”. Russia’s Foreign Minister believes the conflict is still solvable diplomatically.

“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies, is to create a one-world government combining supercapatalism and communism under the same tent, all under their control. . . . Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in extent, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent!”Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976. Perished aboard KAL007, Sep. 1983. Before he was killed in a mysterious plane crash.

Calderon: Mexican drug gangs thrive on bloated US consumption. RT speaks exclusively with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. In this interview the leader talks about complex relationships between Mexico and the US, the drug trafficking problem and the country's dependence on its American neighbor. Wells Fargo BUSTED with drug transactions with the Mexican drug cartel with profits of $386.4 Billion dollars in 2011, They were fined $150 million and NOT one of them went to jail. CORRUPTION Starts from the TOP. Treason, Tyranny, Traitors. Take your pick all 3 are correct. America = cartels

US debt collectors cash in on $1 trillion in student loans.

Iceland Shows Other Europeans How to Survive Bankruptcy

Small Atlantic nation enjoys growth and employment gains after failing to rescue its banks. Mainland Europe remains stuck with stagnation, decline, and ruinous "rescue" packages.

Taxpayers in Europe (and the United States) who have been terrorized since 2008 by government officials warning about economic armageddon, catastrophe, and pestilence should look to tiny Iceland for a taste of how little there is to fear when the experts can't save the people.

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, recently branded Iceland’s economic performance "impressive." In the last few years the small island in the north Atlantic has managed to shrink its deficit, reduce unemployment, and allow its economy to grow.

Meanwhile, on mainland Europe, there is hardly any economic growth to be seen, and countries that pledged to make necessary austerity reforms have almost certainly failed to do so.

Government growth, fiscal activism, and national resentment are the norm. Officials from the eurozone have been trying to help heavily-indebted nations like Greece, Portugal, and Italy avoid banking-system collapse and exit from the single currency. Were they to examine Iceland’s example they might find that temporary financial collapse and monetary sovereignty provide a better roadmap to economic recovery than bailouts backed up by unpopular and unenforceable "austerity" conditions.

Iceland, like the rest of Europe, was faced with an almost unprecedented economic situation in 2008. Iceland’s central bank tried to rescue some of the country’s largest banks, bankrupting itself in the process. Iceland’s largest banks held almost 10 percent of Iceland's GDP in assets (much of it foreign) in 2008. The central bank was forced to attempt the rescue after agreeing to guarantee future bailouts in 2001. With the central bank out of commission and a crippled financial sector, Iceland’s GDP took a nosedive.

Because so many of the assets held by Icelandic banks were foreign, the diplomatic fallout was almost as severe as the economic one. The British prime minister at the time, Gordon Brown, invoked anti-terrorism legislation in a bid to freeze assets of one Icelandic bank in the United Kingdom.

Iceland’s GDP per capita (in current U.S. dollars) was a little over $65,500 in 2007; in 2009 it was almost $38,000. It would be cruel to overlook the effect a sudden loss in wealth like this had on the average Icelander’s economic well-being. Having investments you thought were safe vanish is unfortunate at best and tragic at worst. However, the economic future of young Icelanders will almost certainly be substantially better than that of their peers in Greece.

Icelanders will do better than Greeks precisely because financial institutions collapsed in Iceland, ironically in part because of mechanisms in place requiring bailouts from the Icelandic Central Bank. Economic collapse allowed for proper refinancing. Greece has suffered from too much attention, and because of all of that attention, the actual size of the Greek economy has been forgotten.

Greece's GDP is roughly the size of Maryland’s, about $300 billion. The eurozone as a whole has a GDP of almost $12 trillion. Figures like these only highlight the strictly political motiviations behind the attempted rescue of Greece by the rest of the eurozone. Certainly, a Greek exit from the eurozone would be a major event. However, Iceland’s example shows that letting financial institutions fail allows for strong and comparatively quick recoveries following a period of economic hardship.

Unsurprisingly, government attempts to fix the European financial crisis have made the situation worse and humiliated the most affected countries the most severely. Had Greece been left to default on its debt and leave the eurozone early, the effects, economic and political, would have been much less dire in comparison to the effect of a Greek exit now. What is forgotten about the example of Iceland is that although the initial international reaction to Iceland’s collapse was anger, the country's reputation recovered. The animosity brewing between the Greeks and other Europeans (especially Germans) will not diminish within a matter of months. Too often the cultural changes that are happening in Europe are overshadowed by the economic fiasco.

The comparison between Greece and Iceland is not perfect. If Greek GDP, at $300 billion, puts it on par with the Old Line State, Iceland's, at just $15 billion, puts the island nation below even Vermont, the U.S. state with the lowest GDP. But so what? The economic stagnation caused by Too Big To Fail, of which the Euro "crisis" is only the most monstrous example, resulted from policymakers believing that the same math you know to be true at the local level does not apply at the macro level. The central bankers are wrong about that, and the example of Iceland provides Greece and the rest of mainland Europe with a valuable example.

Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a lesson learned in hindsight. How severe the effects of fiscal and monetary activism will be on the eurozone will depend in part on how quickly continental policymakers can abandon their political agenda and focus on the economics. 


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